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For a window onto the world of Meccano, try the Meccano web ring hosted by U.K. enthusiast Melvyn Wright.

Probably the best - known address in the Meccano world was MW Models at 4, Greys Road, Henley on Thames where the inimitable Geoff Wright and his team catered for our needs for years. Since Geoff’s retirement Howard Somerville has taken over the distribution and production of lists, building instructions and allied Meccano–related material. Find him at   

The most complete record of the post-Liverpool parts (Calais and Nikko) is on Oscar Felgueiras' web site. His research is also being published on CD; available so far is his "Meccano Sets 1998 - 2006" which covers the sets themselves and the manuals as well as the parts contained in them, Find his site at

There are several other sites of particular interest to builders and collectors. One currently being built in New Zealand by Charles Steadman, is the On Line Parts Museum. This aims to illustrate and categorize all known knowledge in the Meccano community about Meccano Parts, with variations in parts of particular interest. Authenticated contributions from all sources are welcome. The site address is  

Check out this remarkably useful site -

by guild member Timothy Edwards, a comprehensive online Index to the Meccano Magazine - ideal for your research into that elusive article or picture!   

The International Society of Meccanomen represents many Meccanomen from over 27 countries worldwide. Many Meccano Clubs and Societies have affiliated.

The world of Meccano is presented on their web site, with special sections on the ISM itself as well as obtaining membership, model building, collecting and matters of general interest to Meccanomen worldwide.

Find them on

Three times a year the ISM issues the "International Meccanoman", now in full colour and packed with information about Meccano and its supporters from all over the world: not to be missed by any Meccanoman.

Subscriptions are £26.00 per year. For more information contact the ISM Chairman at  

“Spanner “ is a dedicated mailing list, established in 1996 to enable Meccano enthusiasts to communicate with each other by e-mail. To learn more about it, click on this link

To subscribe to the list and start receiving list emails, just send an email to

You will receive a confirmation email from the list server - just reply to this without changing anything, and you will be subscribed to Spanner II. You will receive a Welcome email, giving you some details of your subscription - please save this for future reference.

Any message to “Spanner” is sent to everyone on the list. Messages usually follow themes or threads. The List functions as a Virtual Meccano Society. There is no moderator, so anything can be said, but there is a charter to which those who belong to the list are asked to adhere.


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