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The Editor welcomes all responses and possible contributions from any Meccano hobbyist. They can be sent by post to her or by email to the Chairman  though please have respect for his slow connection!

Printed copy should ideally be in 10pt Arial on A4 with 15mm margins. Photos should be suitable for reproduction in B/W.

Electronic copy is welcome in “MSWord” format, and photos or drawings in jpg or tiff format.

All editorial rights are reserved.

 “Newsmag” goes back to the earliest days of the Guild. Its original editor was the Founding Father of the Guild, Geoff Coles, and his widow, Anne, continues it as a necessary service to the Guild and a living tribute to Geoff.

Like many publications it began as a typewritten duplicated document with drawings and sketches done by hand and no photographs. Gradually quality improved, and photos appeared (in stark black and white - grayscale came later).


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